Geek Speak Live #56 - Batman LEGO,Zombies,Julie McNiven,Batman & Ghostbusters CGI Films,IRONMAN3



Batman LEGO : the movie

Batman: Arkham Origins teaser

TMNT & Ghostbusters CGI Films

Steve talks about Zombies with Organizers from the Brisbane Zombie Walk and also the hosts of 4zzz Radio's 'Beyond the Graveyard' show

Free Comic Book Day

Steve and Mel sit down and chat with Mad Men & Supernatural Actress … Julie McNiven at Supanova Gold Coast !!!

Zine and Indy Comic Symposium ZICS is a 3 day celebration of the zine and comic mediums. It’s a gathering to meet with other fans and creators from the local and interstate scenes. Held in 2013 (30 Aug - 1 Sept) in Brisbane QLD Australia.

NIGHT TERRORS & Sleep Walking

4 guys in a comic shop on a Friday night talking Disney Princesses

Movie World replaces the Looney Toons River Ride

The Soldier Legacy’s Strange Tales #1 Features 3 part Dr. Nikola/Victorian era Soldier Legacy Back up feature story, published in ‘The Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes’ # 7-9, with script and plot by Christopher Sequeira, and illustration and plot by Paul Mason. Also includes a Sequeira and Mason created back up feature, ‘Lazarus Burne’s Maleficus Seven’


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